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12 PCS Wedding Decoration Dessert Tray Cake Stand Holder Cupcake Pan Party#021300

Quick Overview:

【Classic Design】White fancy lace as trimmings round the edge, vintage style cupcake stand collection provide a dramatic backdrop to your delicate tea snacks.【Exquisite Set】Package Included: 1 x 3-Layer Cupcake Tower, 3 x Cake Plate, 2 x Tall Round Stand(M/L), 1x Dessert Pan, 3 x Round Goblet.【Must-have】Stands of every size are available in this package. Perfect for Baby Shower, Party, Wedding, Buffet, High Tea, Home Décor, etc.【Reliable Material】Safe & Sturdy Metal Frame, easy to clean and can be recycled. Gross weight 6.85Kg(15.1lb) embodies the level of manufacturing and quality grade.【100% Risk-Free】Buy this Cake Stand Set without risk, Reply in 24 Hours & 100% Money Back Guarantee.

★Here's Why You'll Love Our Cake Stand Set:
【12 in 1 Package】All size cupcake stands in one package for your multiple choice.
【Classic & Reliable】White fancy lace & sturdy metal frame, making a great addition to your tabletop.
【Widely Use】Perfect for Baby Shower, Party, Wedding, Buffet, High Tea, Home Décor, etc.
★Fully Bundled Package Includes
1 x 3 Tier Cupcake Tower
3 x Square Cake Plate
3 x Tall Round Stand(S/M/L)
3 x Round Goblet (High/Medium/Low)
2 x Dessert Plate
Package Size: 14"x14.6"x18" (36*37*46cm)
Gross Weight:6.85Kg(15.1lb)
♥Add to Cart and get a fancy party table!

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